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The former Shenandoah Hotel is the only surviving building of its kind in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  A product of a community campaign organized by the Hockenbury System of Harrisburg, PA, The Shenandoah Hotel was financed by local community investors, who raised $600,000 to build the hotel.  Opened to the public in February 1926, hotel became a cornerstone of Martinsburg’s social scenes, making it a popular destination for tourists and celebrities.

It notably featured a “Crystal Dining Room” which could seat up to 175 people and a “Gold Ball Room” for dancing and events, as well as a coffee shop and six rentable storefronts that faced Queen Street and two storefronts that faced Martin Street.


The hotel eventually changed hands and became the Gateway Inn during the 1960s, where it remained for about 20 years. Ownership changes eventually led to the permanent closing of the hotel space and limited the building's operations to the first-floor commercial use.

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